Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I think i'm becoming obsessed with how much things are changing, and/or will change, in the near future. I spend a lot of time just browsing facebook looking at old pictures, reliving things that happened a year ago. it's so strange, because in real time they seem to be so recent, but thinking about what happens inbetween gives them such distance, the memories become almost unrelatable.

I think i'm just going a bit crazy is all.

I miss everyone dearly still, I can't wait for July. I also can't wait for school to start, then end, so I can graduate and go to grad school. I've decided to go for photography, because I really really don't want to be just a designer the rest of my life. I'd be much happier as a total package, or just a photographer with design skill...that'd be cool.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i want to be home
i want everyone to come home

the semester's over, and i'm more upset than anything now that all i pretty much get to focus on is working, making wallets, and missing any type of summer i've ever had. i'm realizing that the worry of school work really takes a lot off my mind that otherwise just sits in my stomach 24 hours a day. My anxiety is terrible right now. It's one thing to not go home, and it's another for people you call home to not be around, but for both to happen concurrently for the first time is hell

Sunday, February 24, 2008

a combination of a) procrastination, b) nerves, and c) linds' blog are influencing me doing a little entry of my own, as this thing's been empty for some time. The leatherwork's going well, bought myself some new shirts from japan, a new bike, and a nice tv for the livingroom, while still keeping my bank account somewhat happy. I miss everyone, its nice to be able to relax but at the same time, kind of sucks as no one is in town.

i'm also trying to shed my winter 10lbs, which i think i'm finally going to get a start on this week. I'd like to get more intense rides in, i bought groceries for the first time in a month, and I bought carrots. I love carrots! I also broke down and bought bagged salad, which costs me probably $1.50 more than a head of lettuce, but is way easier to just put in a bowl and eat. so far so good, I ate it tonight instead of just having cereal, so that's well and mighty.

sorry, this is pretty boring i guess, just trying to get the juices flowing to ge back to studying. blaaah