Friday, August 24, 2007

Soon I get to move back to the city I love, and see the friends I miss so much, and breath the air that's probably slowly killing me but makes me feel so at home. This summer's been wonderful, and I'm going to spare an entire recap but to say that i'm going back different then I left. I'm not going to say completely new, because that's not true, just changed. Like, when you pull out an album you used to listen to all the time, but as your taste evolved you just sort of put it on the back shelf, so you slowly rotated it out of your listening que. then you go back to it and you listen to it, and you notice all these things you didnt notice before. you notice a bass line that not only adds to the song but completely revamps the vibe of it in your head. you notice, i don't know, an extra guitar part or a rythm hidden behind other things.

that's how i'm going back.

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